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Bella Flor is located in the heart of Palomino, a district of the Municipality of Dibulla in La Guajira, Colombia.

It is located a short distance from the beach (Approx 7 blocks, 10 minutes walking) and the river (15 minutes walking) and a couple of minutes from the central area of the town of Palomino where the natives reside and it is easy to find food, liquors, clothes, pharmacies, bars, pizzerias, bakeries, restaurants and other things that may be useful and necessary when you are traveling

Once in Palomino, to find the hostel you must walk about six blocks on Carrera 6, which is the main road that leads from the trunk of the Caribbean to the beach until you find Calle 4, there turn left and in a few meters you will find the entrance gate.



Palomino can be found by air arriving at the airports of Santa Marta or Riohacha, the latter being less common.

You can also arrive by bus or private car, taking the trunk of the Caribbean in the direction of Riohacha, capital of La Guajira, you will find a large sign that will indicate that you have arrived in Palomino.

If you come from Santa Marta, here are some ways to get there:



Adventurer mode

From the Santa Marta airport, you can take a bus (2500) that will take you to the market, and then at the market the bus to Palomino (12 thousand pesos)

It is the option that will take the longest, but you will be able to visit different places in Santa Marta and the Troncal del Caribe


Adventurer mode with a little comfort

You can take a taxi (32 thousand) that takes you to the market and there the bus (12 thousand pesos).

The taxi can also be to the transport terminal, there you ask for any company that goes to Riohacha, they all pass through Palomino.



Just convenience

You can take a taxi directly from the airport - Palomino, it is the most comfortable option because they will leave you at the door of the house, it will cost you around 180 thousand pesos.

If you want us to coordinate a private transport to pick you up at the airport on the day of your arrival, just let us know, we will be happy to help you.

Contact us

Carrera 6 calle 4 - 266. Palomino, Dibulla, La Guajira. | Tel and wp: +57 3137043668

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